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Why malas break.

Sometimes while working the beads I discover that some holes are tight which pulls on the cording and can begin to shredding or altering the integrity of the rope-like exterior.

Usage contributes to breakage. When praying with them, pulling on them, putting them over the head and/or wrist, I invite you to set your intention for that moment so that you're conscious about interacting with the creation.

Some of us are just so rough and our own wear and tear, can materialize as breakage.

Exposure to water or humidity from the body or the surrounding environment can wear it down over time. I've found when I've purchased the cording the integrity was compromised and they broke in my hands.

The biggest reason for breakage has to do with the intention set: whether it's a color that spoke to you or an experience, or if you uttered the specific pattern or specific stones-you set an intention. When the intention has been honored, malas tend to break. About a year ago a woman shared the mala was sitting on the bed and they broke. Another person shared they had them hanging on their bed frame they felt compelled to looked at them and they broke. Another person shared they literally just picked them up and they broke in their hands. Enough room is made so the creation stretches and then comes back together absorbing our pull on it. I had one woman share that a pink pendant fell out of the casing. She asked if she could glue it back in. And replied yes. Then I asked if something was troubling her heart/spirit? Why, pink deals with matters of the heart. She sat with the question and said yes. And the day it fell out was the day after or the day before acknowledging the anniversary of her father's transition-that was heavy on her heart.

Please understand when you set an intention for the creation it will give you answers-I offer that you put the creation in your least dominant hand and ask, “What would you like me to know?” And then I'd write down whatever comes up. You can check in with someone in your wisdom circle and see what insight they may have to offer. If your creation is broken upon arrival or after a couple of gentle uses let me know.

I hope this supports your journey! As always, be gentle.🙏🏾

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