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Let’s Get Into… Organizational Transformation with a Metaphysical Twist

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Change is an inevitable force that shapes our lives, both personally and professionally. In the realm of organizational dynamics, change management plays a vital role in ensuring smooth transitions, fostering growth, and achieving sustainable success. However, by embracing and integrating the principles of metaphysics (which are already in motion) into the concept of change management, we can play with the underlying essence of transformation (a change in structure of appearance) and gain a fresh perspective on navigating the winds of change. In this thought blog, I invite you to consider the intriguing interplay between change management and metaphysical concepts, uncovering valuable insights to guide us on this profound journey of change. Here’s a bite size morsel.


The Law of Impermanence:

Jazz Master, George Benson, one of my many metaphysical teacher shares, “everything must change… 'cause that's the way of time. Nothing and no one goes unchanged.”  Everything in the universe is in a constant state of flux, and change is the natural order of things. Similarly, in change management, recognizing the impermanence of circumstances, systems, and structures is crucial. By embracing the Law of Impermanence, we can release resistance, cultivate adaptability, and navigate change with a sense of flow and ease. Here’s your divine assignment should you desire to check in:

1. Write down one thing for which you’re experiencing resistance outside of the workplace. Hanging out with family/friends more.

2. Write down what you believe “might” occur if you said yes to hanging out with greater frequency. Example: Feel exhausted, get let down, go broke, discover something enjoyable.

3. Take one of the responses from #2, play with it as a work concept and see if any connects reveal themselves. Example “Go broke” this connects to work because I’m always told we can add things we need to the budget because the company will “go broke.” Or Everyone comes to me and I feel energetically depleted or “broke.”

When I facilitate change management experience I offer that one happens in one area impact and/or fleets something back to other areas of our work or home lives. A shift in the organization requires a shift at the level of the individual. Be gentle as you journey and Be well!

Robert L Pruitt

Metaphysical Leadership Enhancement Specialist

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