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Robert providing an interactive keynote address


For three decades and counting, I find using stories effectively supports people in connecting to the message/lesson offered to their lives. My favorite story is the Wizard of Oz and the multitude of connections to life it offers. I have been called to share in Switzerland, Ireland, India, the UK and across the US.  The audiences are as diverse as the messages offered: men & women formally incarcerated; youth and seniors' conventions, Chiefs of Police & corrections and so much more. I create each talk to match your desired outcome-nothing is off-the-shelf. Lastly, I prefer to facilitate an interactive experience, so the listener actively participates which supports integration. I'm here, Let's get into it!!

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Let's get into these and more...

  • Leadership

  • Confrontation or Care-frontation

  • Relationships (family, work, peers, etc.)

  • Healing from Trauma & Grief

  • Life Purpose

  • Work, Life, & Balance

  • Mini Lessons from The Wizard of Oz (Vision, Unconditional love, Calming the Storm, etc.)

  • Universal Laws (Attraction, Projection, Request, etc.) and You

  • Four Steps to Change

  • Choose: Surrender or Resistance

  • The Mystery of Love

  • Stepping Out of the Box

  • Facing Your Inner-Bully

  • Who Am I? What Do I Have to Offer?

Speaking Experiences

Here are a few standard options offered virtually & in-person:


I'm open to new and exciting opportunities and ways to serve! Let's connect.


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