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my malas

Essential things to know about these creations:

1. Each creation is a divinely unique download and hand crafted using quality materials (I do not add the traditional knots in between each bead)!

2. The color and/or experience that speaks to you sets the intention for it!

3. Only click for Special orders (Requesting: specific beads, pendants, and/or arrangement) require us to agree to a specific price & production time before playing with your creation).

4. They are typically completed within 3-5 weeks from the time the order is acknowledged (creation time can be extended based on the number of creations requested, delay in delivery of materials/supplies, if I am taking a wellness moment, or an act of God).

5. Average price for a handmade:

  • Mala set $111.00

  • Mala only $72

  • Bracelet only $36

6. I will lovingly notify you if the request made and the donation offered are out of alignment.

7. Worldwide shipping is available (shipping costs will be invoiced separately).

8. Simply click "order now" and complete the form. You'll be asked to make your payment. Please trust the process! 

9. Malas break for a number of reasons which include there construction and I'm open to restringing them as my gift. They also break when the intention set has been honored-this can happen in a few hours, weeks, or years. This can offer divine insight and an opportunity to set a new intention requiring a new mala. 

10. Returning your creation is recommended if you do not have a connection within the first moments of holding your creation. You can request a new mala or a refund.

You can always chat, call, or text if you have questions or comments!

Thank you for inviting me to journey with you!


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