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Basic Mala Info

There's a lot of info regarding malas from the types of beads, number of beads, how malas are crafted, and types of malas. I want to keep it simple, so you do to! 

Using your mala!

•Hold your mala with one hand.

•Let it drape across your fingers so you can move it easily. Place two fingers around one of the beads next to the guru bead. ...

•Complete one full breath (inhale and exhale).

•Move your fingers to the next bead, breathing in and out once per bead.

•Finish at the guru bead to complete 108 breaths.

•If you want to do another round, just move your fingers in the opposite direction until you reach the guru bead again.

Example of traditional way of holding malas

Parts of the Mala

Key Terms:

  • Counting Beads

  • Spacers

  • Guru/Master/God Bead

  • Endpoint or Tassel

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