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I Was Asked About...®️ Regrets!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

I was asked about regrets. So, I offer that what works for me is giving myself permission to go back to a specific moment or event and identify the regret. Maybe it was a joke I told that offended somebody or maybe I regret not asking someone out on a date. Or perhaps I’m experiencing regret for not going for some particular opportunity like a new job. 

Here’s the process: 1. Briefly recall the specific moment/event. 2. Ask, “what is the feeling of regret teaching, showing, or revealing?” 3. Take a slow deep inhale through your nose and exhale from your mouth. 4.Be silent and still so that you can hear the answer(s). And 5. Write down everything that comes up without judging/editing it. What did you discover-A new skill, a new way to see yourself, or perhaps some unresolved issue? Your discovery is the gift in the regret! Keep in mind, regret is an experience. The experience is a result created by actions and thoughts.  All results serve as our teachers and attempt to give us lessons. Once you get the lesson, you may discover that it is hard to regret something that has taught you something. This new found awareness may support a shift from regret to appreciation.  Appreciation is the new experience! Just a little something for your journey- Be gentle with yourself!

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