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Life's a Beach

Vacationing, playing and ultimately living on the beach is what Denny & I are creating as our reality. Timing and money come into play however, the most important things for us in seeing and feeling the beach. Hearing the water even as I type from my home in Maryland (not on or near the water), smelling the salt water, recalling the taste of the water, the sun rising and setting on the horizon. We've seen a lot of beaches and there's a special place in Florida that provides a quiet adult experience, with great food and music spots and pristine white sand with water that offers fives shades of blue! On almost every beach trip we bring back a shell, a beach sign or something that we add to our home to remind us of beach that awaits us fulltime. I'm looking forward to the post that I create from the ocean view from our new home. My offering to you? When you plant a seed be sure to nurture and care for it allowing it to mature fully and in it's own time!

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