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I Was Asked About...®️ Growing Apart & Feeling Isolated!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

This experience can apply to family, co-workers and even best friends. I’ll speak specifically to romantic interests. You may find it helpful to write down where you were mentally and emotionally when you met the person. The nature of the relationship doesn’t matter: friend, lover, ex-anything, current partner, co-worker, etc. When you all decided to journey together, what was your need in that moment? It may be multiple needs but you want to write down:. “I needed somebody that I could share my life with.” “I needed to explore new possibilities.” “I needed to explore love with a committed partner.” “I needed to feel validated or to feel attractive.” So write down what your needs were in that moment. Next, I invite you to write down who is moving. When you say moving apart-is it you, the other person or are you both moving in different directions?

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