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My Take on Workplace Conflicts

In the past 30 years I've been invited to provide trainings for clients like Lockheed Martin in Maryland, Shahi Export House in India, and Matador Content, in California. They each wanted to address conflicts that had occurred, were occurring, or might occur. My unique spin on conflicts is they contain wonderful gifts that can create sustainable shifts. In the past, each company was taught to address the symptom using a variety of techniques and tools. However, the problems emerged in new and complex ways. This re-emergence the conflict seems to occur in companies and organizations around the globe-it's like cutting a weed down rather than rooming it from the roots. My take is the conflict the company, organization, entity is experiencing is a mirror. Inviting people to embrace the reflection supports them in seeing how the reflection points to something internal. David says, "My manager is intolerable!" He's encouraged to check his internal conversation and see where his life feels "intolerable." Sita says, "My co-workers make me feel isolated." She's encouraged to look within and explore ways she isolates herself." The Universal or Spiritual Law of Reflection offers that everything in the world is an external reflection of something within. Our pets, our bank accounts, our abodes, friends, the condition of our closets or rooms, even our emotional state. The law makes clear if we feel unsafe at work, check where we feel unsafe or insecure within. A leaky faucet at work drives you mad, look at where your emotions are leaking (as faucet connects to water and our emotions are representations of fluidity). Your boss seems emotionally detached when she speaks, check internally to see where you might be emotional detached regarding an area of your life or where you'd like to be less emotional. All of these narratives, when left unaddressed contribute to workplace conflicts. Work serves as a cauldron and our "stuff" gets mixed into it. When I facilitated diversity and race classes for law enforcement, I would offer that our training room only contains issues of diversity when we walk in. So, the conflicts only show up when we do. I love incorporating laws like (Projection, Attachment, Attention, Attraction) into my play-It offers a new take on what we experience in and out of the workplace. Rather than teaching people to manage the conflict, I invite us to embrace and master the lesson contained within the conflict. Mastery and transformation of our internal conflict release our world from being held hostage by the lesson we have resisted. Just sit with the idea that what we do or do not like in our world is a reflection of something we do or do not like or may be unaware of internally. For me, life is a journey and I'm mastering being gentle with myself and my fellow journeyers-they're simply actors in the play that is my life teaching me how to elevate my consciousness. Be well!!!

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