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My Newly Divorced Dad and his 20 Something Girlfriend!

This week’s letter came from an adult daughter feeling embarrassed by dad dating a much younger woman who she believes is digging for gold based on social posts despite her fathers happiness. The author shared that many in the family feel embarrassed and they have a family event that the dad plans to attend with his new boo. I was asked to shine light on how to tell the father not to come with his girlfriend. I offered that I would invite the daughter to get clear on what the embarrassment is revealing. Additionally I offered that when considering speaking with her dad to give consideration to what matters more, her feeling embarrassed or her father feeling happy? The law of attachment says that how we feel about a person/situation tells us something about ourselves. Does the daughter feel embarrassed because she has given meaning to the girlfriend being 10 years younger than she is? Does the ex-wife feel embarrassed because the ex-husband is dating someone much younger than she? All feelings are connected to thoughts so when we can identify the feeling we can trace it back to a thought or belief we hold (that we may be unaware of). Russ asked me about the daughter wanting to stop the father from coming to the family event and I responded yes she can absolutely share that but until she gets clear about the origins of the embarrassment she’s may not be able to offer much beyond feeling embarrassed. So, I would invite the daughter to finish this phrase: “Dad I don’t want you to come to the family event because…I’m finding in my own journey that when I address the internal upset there is usually little or nothing to share with the other person. I’m short,

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