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I was asked about the phrase, "I'm Sick..."

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

I was asked about the difference between saying, "I am sick" and "I'm feeling sick." What's true for me is that sickness, illness, or feeling unwell are all experiences. And experiences are designed to pass through our lives making room for new ones. I am mindful about what I put after "I am..." because consciously or not that label becomes part of my self concept and impacts how I define and feel about myself. Words are powerful and help to create our reality (or illusion). It's just the simple shift from I am sick to I am feeling sick or I'm experiencing sickness that makes a powerful difference. This shift didn't dawn on me until adulthood. As a child, my father would say, I'm feeling unwell. I just figured he was being poetic. But that was far from accurate. At 17, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. I told the doctor to keep that sh-t. I never denied the diagnosis. I was simply unwilling to say that I had cancer. I didn't want ownership of it but I acknowledged it because denial aligns with this idea that whatever we resist persists. I wanted to quick move through the experience of cancer and I did. To this day I choose not to call myself a cancer survivor. That's not who I am rather is was something I experienced. This idea applies to the phases, "I'm drained," "I'm exhausted," or "I'm tired." We are not those things-we simply experience them in the moment and make room for a new experience in the next. New experiences like "feeling energetic," "feeling alert," or even "feeling well." Hope this supports your journey! Be gentle with yourself and others.

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