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Get Into It…Afterthought: “Don’t Spank My Son!”

On today’s show, a single mother shared that she doesn’t want her fiancé to spank her son-she doesn’t agree with physical punishment. The fiancé responds he’s not sure he can be with someone that doesn’t believe in spanking. I offered that she look at what prevents her from releasing herself from the relationship. If spanking is a no for her and a yes for her fiancé, what’s the thought/belief that would have her write into the show rather than simply release herself from the engagement?

Additionally, I offered that playing with this question might make it possible for her to offer her fiancé some insight or a perspective that might result in a shift in how he sees spanking. In the letter, it was clear the fiancé offered an implied ultimatum, I spank or we’re done.

Ultimatums are forms of manipulation-which by definition means “to be skillfully handled.” A healthy relationship accepts each other‘s yes and no and each person makes decisions from the info present. Healthy relationships with ourself and others frees us from negotiating our truths or attempting to win the other person over to our side. For me, the conflict is between the roles she plays and who she is! I would invite her to look at the beliefs and thoughts around the roles of mother and fiancé. If there exists any disconnection she may still continue to ask the question what do I do? Most of the time when we’re not sure what to do it’s because we’re caught between thoughts of the past or the future or there is a disconnect between what we believe and what we see. When we’re in alignment what we believe, think, and do are all congruent-they simply lined up. So, decisions are easier to make. But if any part of us waivers in our belief or in our actions that’s when questions like “what should I do” creep in. In the role as mother I believe she knows what she believes and what to do. In the role of fiancé I believe she’s learning what she believes. There in may lie the rub. I sense she’s creating separation by defining herself by the roles she plays rather than standing as her TRUE SELF! I offer who we are defines the roles we play. For example, father and husband are the roles I play. I am loving and responsible in the role of father and husband. When we define ourselves by the roles things get cloudy.

The Law of Attraction offers that like attracts like. We attract or bring people/situations that have similar vibrations to our own into our lives. So, here are questions for us to to be with: What part of me attracted him/her? Attracted his/her belief? what part of me attracted engagement (harmony)and conflict (discord)? Where is there internal discord? Where am I out of alignment (mind, body, spirit) internally? What is the lesson in this experience? Is this situation a warning flag or deal breaker? So many layers and most challenging without the benefit of conversing directly. So, if this speaks to you I invite you to sit with the questions or set up a wisdom chat to explore what’s coming up for you! As always, be gentle on your journey!

Tune in to the Russ Parr Morning ShowTuesday’s 7:50am EST when we Get Into It With Me-Pruitt😁🙏🏾

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