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What State Are You In?

When was the last time you stopped and checked your “state of being?” Our emotions are wonderful gifts! They tell us what’s going on in our lives. If we’re feeling happy then we can look at the behavior or choices which support the experience of happiness. If we’re feeling confused the same holds true!

Sometimes we refuse or are scared to leave our state! We make up if we leave the state of happiness we’ll never feel it again. Or If we travel outside of the state of denial we won’t know what to do and we’ll die. Human’s love predictability! And we will stay in a state we know doesn’t honor us or even does us harm because it’s familiar.

I offer you check the state you’re “reppin” (representing) and make sure it reps you back in a way that honors the gift you are to the world! Be willing to leave everything and move for the sake of your health. You are responsible for your current state of being. “To be or not to be?” This is your question!” Take a breath!

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