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When our mind is healthy and nurioushed, we experience and embrace the full spectrum of thoughts and feelings without giving meaning to either. Additionally, our bodies benefit from thoughts and beliefs that honor us! A healthy mind, body and spirit connection supports all the roles we play: leaders, parent, student, etc. I offer a creative ways to explore a holistic approach to living a quality life. You have all you need contained within.

The following offerings do not provide medical advice. This course is for information purposes only. The health-related information offered is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, cures or treatment. Always seek advice from your medical doctor.

Guided Meditations

You can learn or simply participate in a guided experience.

These meditations are designed to address experiences like forgiveness, relaxation, grief, self-talk, and vision. You'll connect to different types of meditation: walking, singing, visualization, breathwork and basic tapping.

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Couple Meditating

Emotional Expression Art

Leave the world of language and see things from the perspective of symbols and images.

Choose ten (10) emotions/feelings from a list and draw or paint each of them, using no words, only images and colors.

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Cleansing & Fasting

Creative ways to cleanse your body and mind.

This is experience is not about starving and in many ways less about food. Detoxing is about removing impurities obtained thru what we ingest (with our minds, our eyes, and our mouths)

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Watermelon and Lotion

Physical Wellbeing

The body is dependent on the health of the mind and emotions.

This interactive experience introduces a variety of easy ways to move (jumping, balancing, and breathing) so you can determine what works for you.

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Asian man jumping rope

Ayurveda-Science of Life

Dis-ease leads to disease which is the absence of health.

This offering supports maintain health through an understanding of food combinations that work best for you and promote optimal health.

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Couple Meditating
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