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Leaders engaged in a trust building activity

Exclusive Programs

These dynamic programs are designed to support youth in connecting to and lovingly expressing their gifts with others. Effective leaders understand they are the first and last person they'll lead. So, knowing how to care for oneself first is essential! Each program can be modified to honor your specific needs. Additionally, these offerings can accommodate private groups ranging in ages. 

The meaning behind AuSum...

Au represents the chemical element, Gold. Gold represents the mind, body, and soul and is widely used to represent the sun and wealth. It is used here to honor a person’s value, wealth of gifts, and natural ability to shine. Au also acknowledges Autism community. The term “sum” represents the addition of two or more items. The AuSum Leaders© experience seeks to support individuals in combining tapping into their ability to build relationships with themselves and others.

All youth benefit from:

  • Cognitive development - ability to learn and solve problem​s.

  • Social and emotional development - ability to interact with others, be independent, and have self-control.

  • Speech and language development - ability to understand and use language. 

  • Fine and Gross motor skills
    - Fine: ability to use small muscles of hand and fingers
    - Gross: ability to use large muscles


These areas of development are vital to learning life skills. When there has been a disruption or delay to development or a specific disability, function is limited in these areas and, in turn, there is a disruption or delay to participation in life skills. However, the neurons in the brain can make new connections—meaning adaptive skills can still be learned—thus the importance of teaching life skills. Through facilitating & coaching clients in the adaptive life skills addressed through these offerings, and making new neuron connections, participants will be improving the quality of life, independence, and self-esteem of the clients.

A little about the creator...

Robert has worked with a variety of people which include youth, families, educators, non- and for-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, religious and spiritual organizations, and more. He created this platform to extend his reach globally, Click for more info about Robert.

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