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My Fiancé’s Ex

This weeks show brings to light a woman who doesn't want to appear insecure to her fiancé by sharing that his ex (and mother of his children) is way to connected after the death of her mom. Did you get all of that? Let’s do this another way: A and B are engaged. B and C are exes and had children together. C’s mom passes away and B is spending way too much time with C. A doesn’t know how to say to B her fiancé, this feels problematic. As with each of these letters, I don’t have an opportunity to interact with the author and want to honor their journey by not imposing my thoughts. So, the questions I invite this client to explore are: 1) Has she felt insecure at any other point in time in their relationship? 2) What’s the resistance to sharing her truth? The Law of Resistance offers when we focus on something we are calling it towards us. "Don’t," "can’t," "won’t" and "not" invoke this law. Remember, the author shares she doesn’t want to look “insecure” and that is perhaps who she is becoming-at least to herself. Prolonged resistance can trigger feeling insecure and contribute to us second guessing ourselves. You become what you resist, and the resistance persists and uses up your energy. What might embracing the positive or the thing that honors you offer?

Tune in to the Russ Parr Morning Show Tuesday’s 7:50am EST when we Get Into It With Me-Pruitt😁🙏🏾

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