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Facilitate Anything, Anytime and Any Place

Want to enhance your facilitation skills? Want to master the art of effective facilitation? This flagship program is an intensive 12 week experience which uses a variety of methods (video chats, self-paced learning activities, live observations and a stretch activity) to ensure participants:


  • Have full comprehension of what it takes to facilitate a successful session

  • Diagnose patterns or actions that create breakdowns amongst team members, during training sessions and meetings.

  • Understand how to promote support and mentoring beyond traditional training

This training is unique in that it examines you as a program participants and takes you on a journey of discovery. You will learn and grow through an experiential learning process that ultimately gives you a new awareness on the information presented. This experience consists of three parts culminating in a facilitated stretch activity which serves as a final exam. 


Part I: Facilitation

Part I answers the question "what is a facilitator?" and identifies the qualities of a poor facilitator. Participants will also discuss the different roles of a facilitator and review the basic skills necessary for effective facilitation. Additionally, Part I focuses on how facilitators recognize the symptoms of team-working problems, diagnose the patterns underlying these problems, and intervene in the team’s processes. This section also covers the styles available to facilitators and deals with the most basic facilitator skills — listening and questioning. It considers the situation of line-managers who take on a facilitation role, and concludes with considerations of beginning work as a facilitator and agreeing on a “contract” to facilitate. 


Part II: Breakdown Tools

Introduction to over 12 techniques and approaches facilitators can use for a complete learning experience. Part II includes organizing tools, approaches for diagnosis and discussion, deciding tools, planning tools, and tools to deal with breakdown. 


Part III: Putting the Tools to Use

Put the tools into action as you prepare and design workshops in Part III. This section also uses case studies to demonstrate the facilitators ability to apply the tools. These case studies demonstrate how different tools may be used in or adapted to different settings and reveal the importance of context and flexibility required of the facilitator in applying the tools.

We schedule this 12 week experience to meet your needs. Each video chat and observation will be scheduled between the facilitator and the participant(s). We don't want you to put this program into your life-we offer that you put life/passion/energy into the program. We know budgets can require flexibility and we're happy to support one participant or several.


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