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Journal Prompts for Spiritual Success

  • 7Days
  • 24Steps
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Over the years I’ve heard the word “success” used a lot. Oft times people use it to signify a level of attainment-a way to say, “You’ve made it! You’ve achieved your goal!” This isn’t good, bad, right, or wrong. It’s just part of my experience. What I’ve discovered is when I used it in that way, I felt like something was missing—the meaning of spiritual success. This means believing in yourself, doing your best, achieving the greatest outcome for all. Success comes when the energy is right-when we give and receive love unconditionally. This 7-day journey is about unconditional love & gratitude, creating spiritual alignment with a specific goal, focus, self-talk that affirms what you do want, deepening your connection to Spirit, 7 days to love on yourself! This experience will (re)introduce you to a basic understanding of the Laws of Success, Attention, Intention, and Flow (You’re invented to attend the Spiritual Laws class for a deeper understanding of these and other laws). The prompts are designed to be brief and completed before bed, so you benefit from the wisdom contained within your subconscious. Plus, we tend to enter a state of surrender which allows things to materialize without interference. As you move through the day you can observe your bedtime ritual foster a sense of satisfaction & fulfillment. Grab a notebook & colorful pens & align with Spirit through journaling! You’ll receive feedback from me as you journey! 🙏🏾💚🎉

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